Leadership for the Future

Increasing speed and increasing complexity call for suitable approaches in management and leadership. More and more, personal growth becomes a core requirement. We need authentic leaders who can cope with complexity and fuzzyness, display prudence and integrity, combine clarity with benevolence and are able to communicate sense.

Are there alternatives to just working even harder? How can you positively use the potential of your employees? I there a deeply rooted meaning in your business operations, one that is shared by ninety percent of your staff? How can emotional, intrinsically motivated commitment be achieved? What are the requirements, and how does your organisation get there? I say, true leadership, meaning the display of prudence and integrity, helps.

As an organisational consultant I support your organisation and your leaders in developping authentic leadership performance. I adhere to a humanistic approach, and I am convinced that this is the best possible way to master future challenges and be succesful in terms of profit and in terms of sustainability and corporate responability.

I will always begin with an in-depth dialogue with you developping a thorough analysis of the situation and a clarification of my assignment. I love to get to know people and organisations and to support them in demanding times.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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