Agility De-mystified

Almost thirty years ago, I worked in a company that was very advanced in terms of empowerment and highly successful economically. That left its mark on me, and since then I have always been concerned with how to organize things cleverly so that the existing potential can be used as fully as possible.

Today, the hype is all about agility. The underlying concepts have been around for a long time. They can be tested and introduced step by step, and I claim that quantum leaps are possible even within the framework of very traditional forms of organization.

The main task has always been the same: To distribute leadership, decision-making and responsibility in such a way that your organization performs optimally for its market.

So you don't have to convert your entire company to holocracy. The main effect is not achieved with the structures, but with the mindset and your own further development. This is where I offer my support. With an appropriate mindset, the right structures will automatically impose themselves.

Empowerment entails a major change in the way managers and employees understand their roles. This is the crux of the matter if empowerment is to succeed.

My approach: you test principles and elements of empowerment in small doses. This generates cultural impulses. Once you have digested and integrated these, the next step follows.

This creates a transformation without excessive strain and a momentum that can quickly pick up speed.

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