Organisational Development

Your goal is to develop your organisation to be fit for the future. To achieve that, many things must be shifted: Organisational Culture, Leadership culture and Leadership capabilities, structures, processes, well-practiced routines that might not be suitable any more.

Such an enterprise stands or falls with the mindset and clarity of the top leaders. That's why every project will start there.

As a consultant for organizational development, I can guide your management team and your company through such phases of change. I support you at all levels: Individuals, teams, entire units. My approach is process consulting, where we move forward step by step and use the insights gained for the next steps.

You make the decisions, I am your guide and sparring partner and support you in achieving your goals. I love to get to know and understand people and organizations in their uniqueness and to stand by their side in challenging times.

Methodologically and theoretically, I am at home in humanistic psychology, cybernetics and systems theory, and sometimes we may find what we are looking for in more distant areas such as meditation, competitive sports, music or aikido. I have a broad background that I am happy to make available.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meet you.

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