Burnout Coaching

A burnout situation is incisive. Afterwards many things have changed, and often changes are at hand on various levels:

  • This means that dominant, deeply anchored habits of life we may be attached to must be changed.
  • It means that you must face the requirements of your job in a different way so that you can return to doing it and doing it well, if that is what you want.
  • You may have career changes coming up which must be considered well.
  • Your general resilience for coping with stressful situations must be (re)constituted in order to prevent repeated burnout situations.

I have worked as a manager on executive board level, and as well as a psychotherapist. I have known life as a person of leadership in different roles. My background covers the professional and psychological aspects of burnout. This is invaluable after an inpatient treatment, but also at an early stage. Pure therapists often know too little about management, and pure coaches know too little about the therapeutic aspects and the personal work that is needed.

I have established direct local contacts including on-site visits to private and public clinics throughout Switzerland and Southern Germany.

It is not unusual for deeper-lying personal issues to surface in the course of a consultation. I am sufficiently qualified to address such issues at any depth you require in the sense of personality development. But you must decide for yourself whether and how this is done. It may, sometimes, suffice to become aware of the fact that there are areas where one must take particularly good care of oneself or where potential work awaits us. And sometimes it becomes clear that the time has come to get to work on that area. Experience shows that the difference falls in place automatically.

It goes without saying that I am subject to the strictest confidentiality, and professional discretion is guaranteed at all times.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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