Executive Coaching at the Top of the System

A job as CEO, director of the board or top-ranking politician is quite a different ballpark in terms of one’s career: It is fascinating, fulfilling, inspiring, and it’s a token of excellence and a unique opportunity for impressing once own signature upon a company. At the same time it may be a very lonely job. The pressure increases massively at this point in the game, the air is thin, the number of internal allies smaller. Familial and other duties may have a great impact upon one‘s ability to perform under stress and one’s faculties of judgment. At the same time, you can hardly afford a sign of weakness. Situations such as these often exhibit a remarkable shortage of dialogue partners, and I will be available to you as such a partner.

Selection of issues:

  • Developping Leadership Qualities
  • Sparring in politically, strategically and ethically complex situations
  • Burnout prevention / coping with burnout
  • emotionally challenging situations
  • Preservation of one’s emotional accessibility as a resource for coping with stress
  • Recognizing one’s blind spots in order to prevent erroneous decisions
  • Personal Growth and life planning
  • Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Career decision

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