Team Coaching for Boards and Management

Top Management teams and leadership teams must perform extremely well. If something goes wrong, there will be negative consequences for the entire company.

Such boards make decisions with a long term impact. They have to balance enterpreneurial, ethical, moral, political, and social stakes. They have to strive for sustainability, even with a given pressure for profitability. This task calls for hihgly mature persons of integrity and for people capable to work in teams on a highly sophisticated level.

You can only learn to function as a team in a team. I will assist your management team in several real-world meetings, and together we will develop potentials of improvement and possibilities to utilize them. This can be complemented with one-on-one sessions, always aiming at the development of the whole team.

Selection of issues:

  • High Level Leadership
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Losses due to friction
  • Communication patterns
  • Tacit matters and those which cannot be discussed
  • Conflict Coaching when collaboration is impaired
  • Too many conflicts, or too few
  • Etc.

It goes without saying that prior to such coaching a detailed investigation will be conducted to clarify the requirements regarding goals, guidelines, possible issue ranges and limitations.

Contact me for an initial conversation. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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