The Place to be Immodest

My USP consists in the special combination and the depth and broadness of spectrum of my skills and my experience:

  • longtime board-level management experience in the private sector, with operative and stratetgic responsibility
  • Training and practical experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist in a humanistic tradition (Gestalt Therapy)
  • a sound systemic training as a consultant and coach
  • 14 years of experience in high level competition sports (Volleyball, including promotion to the highest national league), above-average achievements in other sports (i.e. winnning the university championship in Carambole Billards twice)
  • longtime engagement in eastern approaches to practice (2nd Dan in Aikido, regular pracitce in ZEN meditation)
  • I speak six languages, four of them applicable in professional context
  • artistic experience on high amateur level in music (jazz piano) and photography
  •  author of two books on Leadership published by Springer, author of a blog and several professional articles

This combination ranging from business to psychology and other disciplines is at least uncommon and helps looking a bit further down the road. I have known life as a person of leadership from different perspectives. This experience allows me to cover a wide range of organisational and individual issues as an organisational consultant and coach.

I love to learn, and I learn quickly and easily. This path never ends, of course. This creates my fascination  and dedication to my profession.

Every consulting and coaching situation is complex, and  practically always there are many diverse levels and layers involved, ranging from intelletectual and strategic topics to the most emotional, existential questions of life. And as all of these layers might surface in the process, a consultant and coach should be equipped properly.

I have summarized my answers to these demands in a couple of slides.

various layerszoom