Change Management: Agile Architectures of Transformation

In most cases you will not seek change for ist own sake. Rather you recognize the need for change in order to reach your goals or not to be lost in idleness.

Many things must be shifted: Organisational Culture, Leadership Culture and Leadership Capabilites, structures, processes, well-practiced routines that might not be suitable any more, and so forth. In such times it is particularly important to display integrity and prudence, both as an individual and as a leadership team, so that you employees will be willing to follow you.

In such situations I offer Organisational Consulting and support for projects. I design a change architecture in close dialogue wiht you, support you as a sparring partner and pilot and assist you in navigating through a landscape defined by a grown culture, a history, tacit requirements, blind spots and well established and sustained communication patterns.

In doing so, agility is in demand: most environments are much too dynamic to care about our plans. If you keep your ears and eyes open on the way, and if you are willing to adapt in favor of sustainable development, you will have better results in the long run.

Possible development topics:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Leadership Culture
  • Collaborational Culture
  • Transformative Change in complex environments according to Scharmer's Theory U
  • Facilitating Projects with a high change impact

I will always begin with an in-depth dialogue with you developping a thorough analysis of the situation and a clarification of my assignment. I love to get to know people and organisations and to support them in demanding times.

Let's enter into a conversation. Im am looking forward to it.

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